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Re: CREST Information


What kind of salary ranges do "junior" pentesters command?


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Re: CREST Information

Strawp wrote:I guess this goes back to the question in the original post then: How do you prepare for the CRT exam?

I'm also from the UK, and am also working towards a career in Penetration testing. I'm currently working on the OSCP, and once I've got that I'm going for CRT.

I've been using the crest-technical-syllabus to fill in any gaps in my knowledge.

UKSecurityGuy wrote:I hear that the 7safe course is pretty good for prep work.

I took this recently, and was really impressed with the quality of both the materials and the instructors. You've already done the CAST so I guess you know that already.

UKSecurityGuy's advice is spot on from what I've seen so far researching jobs in the UK.

Strawp wrote:What kind of salary ranges do "junior" pentesters command?

From what I've seen this can vary considerably depending on the company and your experience.
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Re: CREST Information

Is there anyone that in the meanwhile took this exam? Either CRT or CCT?
Any tips/advises to share?


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