Probation? Are you kidding?



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Probation? Are you kidding?

I have to say that this really gets my goat.  This guy figures out how to clone gift cards and does so on a regular basis.  People get screwed out of money they put on gift cards (this is NOT a victimless crime). 

People who commit this type of crime need to be taught a real lesson.  While the damages were in the range of $6,000, this cost MUCH more than that to track down.  Additionally, it isn't like he'd have stopped.  I don't think I know someone his age who didn't get at least six months probation for petty shoplifting.  Then this clown gets 18 months probation for this AND a DUI?  What the heck???

Police Detective Michael Hanada said the Beaverton man's technique was one he'd rarely seen before, and hasn't been seen since Zepeda used it in early 2009.

Well, after reading this, I'm pretty sure we'll see more of it.  Especially since the precedent for non-deterrence has been set. ... -7780.html
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Re: Probation? Are you kidding?

Goes to show that the justice system has many standards...  Some good - some not so.  And sometimes the worst offenses yield lesser punishments than little things.

I agree, former33t, that this guy is getting off way too easily.  That said, maybe the civil cases that he'll face (assuming some of the folks, whose credit he fraudulently used, file suit against him, etc) will bring more justice to this.
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Re: Probation? Are you kidding?

But the way he was stealing was very interesting. Imagine if he would have used proxies to connect to BestBuy, etc...

The 22-year-old ran the racket at Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Apple, Best Buy, Fred Meyer Macy's and Spencer Gifts.

All these stores and only $6000? I doubt about it...
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