Iranian Pres Launches Internet Jihad on Israel



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Post Wed Aug 16, 2006 10:06 am

Iranian Pres Launches Internet Jihad on Israel

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has opened his own weblog. But if you have an IP address that links you to Israel - BEWARE! There's a little package waiting for you.

See these articles: ... nfect.html ... _a_li.html



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Re: Iranian Pres Launches Internet Jihad on Israel

Some of you here already know that I work for an Israeli ISP. If you didn't, well know you know! A few months ago we suffered a major DDOS attack, which I wrote about here;,302.0.html

I don't know who was behind it, but I have my suspicions. I can assure you that it was of a scale and magnitude that leads me to beleive that it wasn't carried out by a small group or a single skiddie.  >:(

I'm not mentioning names, but I'm sure your imaginations will lead you down the same path mine does.

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Post Fri Aug 18, 2006 3:55 am

Re: Iranian Pres Launches Internet Jihad on Israel

Hi Negrita,
Given the threat to Israel from it's neghbours I had started thinking of the consequences of a sustained attack on it's Internet infrastructure. There are a lot of high tech service industries in Israel that are accessed via the Internet, the consequences of a well resourced and determined attack appears on the surface to be potentially devastating to such businesses.

I assume Israeli ISPs are no stranger to DDoS attacks and other malicious activity, so I would imagine that there is a lot of experience and grassroots research into defence and attack mitigation. Companies like Checkpoint that are based in Israel must have a serious survival of the fittest thing going on. I wonder if we are going to see innovation in the field of network defence or is the opinion of those in peril that it's better to play your cards close to your chest and not let new developments slip into the public domain. I suppose my train of thought leads to the issue of full disclosure by those on the sharp end.


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