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InterScout Web Forensics Tool Released as Freeware

Morning all,
I got details of this from the mailing list, thought you guys might be interested.


Hi all,

We have been working on a web forensic tool for use with investigating
apache and other web logs (works mainly on *nix systems). In detail:

InterScout 1.0 is a free web log analytics tool that acts as a web log
file analyzer as well as a real-time web-based IDS specific to online
fraud monitoring on web servers.

InterScout 1.0.1 version features:

    * Real-time email alert notification
    * Customize scripted action on alert notification
    * Pre-emptive detection of many phishing techniques
    * Customized signature development specific to your environment
    * Real-time and file-based web log monitoring
    * Specifically designed to monitor online fraud against your               

Please feel free to obtain a copy with no obligation at: ... scout.html

Thanks again.

Secure Science Corporation

Edit:This is distributed as a linux/IA32 binary. It's not rocket science but it does raise some interesting ideas such as checking referer URLs for evidence of phishing hosts.
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