Post Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:27 am

Beware UK forensics practitioners

Hi all,
I just had a call from a company offering to produce lovely documents promoting my company to law enforcement and government and the public sector. Apparently there is loads of money available to forensics companies from the government purse, despite the fact that budgets for fighting cyber crime are being slashed.

Funny, I don't promote my forensics business becauses it's pretty much non-existent. If someone calls me asking about it then they've found my details on google. They would not send me any details by email because the salesperson's PC is not Internet connecte (seriously?). So I asked for a URL to check out that they are selling.

Guess what? A holding page.

That's pretty damn cheap. I may as well sign up to a Russian business directory. I know a good few people out there trying to make their way in information security and calls like this from snake oil saledroids really get my goat. Caveat emptor.