The Switzerland for servers!



Post Mon Aug 14, 2006 6:54 pm

The Switzerland for servers!

  Is there a place that will maintain your server and promise total anonymity just like a Swiss bank account?  Yes, it’s called Sealand.  Not really a very inventive name, but it does describe it accurately.

  Sealand is nothing more than a platform of concrete and steel that was created about 6 miles off the coast or England. It was constructed during World War 2 and was to be used as an anti-aircraft platform, but was later abandoned.

  In 1967 a private group moved there and established it as its own sovereign nation.  It now offers the most secure managed servers in the world and supposedly non-traceable network services.

  Technically being a country, the servers are protected from other government subpoenas.  Obviously a perfect place to conduct illegal activities, but I would assume other governments could place pressure on Sealand if its services were missed used.


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Post Mon Aug 14, 2006 8:43 pm

Re: The Switzerland for servers!

Hi Kev,

I think this is their official site:

Office website of Sealand is

Sealand Photogallery @ http://kim.nyclondon.com/sealand.html


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Post Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:04 am

Re: The Switzerland for servers!

I don't know if anyone actually acknowledges them Sealand an independant nation, and being less than 12 miles off the coast it's technically in UK territorial waters. Expect a visit from special branch if you do anything too naughty. That's assuming that GCHQ don't already have themselves firmly entrenched.

*puts on tinfoil hat*

I both love and loathe the idea of such a data haven, but I have no faith in the claims they make. Nice idea in prinicple. Sounds like someone got Cryptonomicon for christmas a few years back ;)

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