Post Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:43 pm

Looking for hackers to join Empire Avenue

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for any EH-Net members interested in joining Empire Avenue. It's basically a virtual online influence stock exchange that utilizes people and websites as stock or ticker symbols. Your stock value depends on your online influence which comes directly from using Twitter, Facebook and your own website.

More info in my blog: ... ur-friends

I consider Empire Avenue a great tool to expose yourself or your website to the world. It's currently in beta and you can only register thru an invite only. I have 2 invites left so whoever is intrested just PM me your email. I have an additional invite for Don if he is intrested and would like to promote EH-Net in Empire.

So far, 4 ethical hackers or security dudes, including myself are participating: Dave Marcus e(DMARC) from McAffee, Dan Sherman e(DRAGON), Aviv Raff e(RAFF) and I e(KELVIN).   
Security+, OSCP, CEH