Wireless Hacking Tools




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Wireless Hacking Tools

Hi Guys,

My first post on this forum, i only found it tonight and have been very impressed with some of the content. Please go easy :).

I haven't got lots of experience with pen testing but have a real interest in it and like teaching myself and finding new tools.

I have been using aircrack and kismet on linux and would like a program that scans wireless networks and gives a graphical representation. The following links shows what im after http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8305379.stm

Do you guys know what this software is or how I would be able to scan wireless networks and be able to view it like this?




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Re: Wireless Hacking Tools

Welcome to the forums!

Here's one example of how to go about that: http://www.larsen-b.com/Article/212.html

Googling something like "kismet map gps" will yield many results. There are other utilities that can do similar things (i.e. Netstumbler can collect GPS information as well).
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