Loveletter - 10th anniversary of attacks‏



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Loveletter - 10th anniversary of attacks‏

One of the most costliest and devastating virust attack - The "Love Letter". I still remember having a long day during the attack, but a rewarding one as it was a kind of new experience to all those involved.

A quick note - originated from Phillippines on 05 May 2010 and quickly spread to Hong Kong, Europe and to US. Estimated damage - $5.5 billion. The Pentagon, CIA, the British Parliament and large organizations had to shut down their email systems to combat the virus.

Any one got any interesting experience to share with regard to love letter (note: we are talking about the love letter virus and not the love letters to your boyfriend / girlfriend ;) )

Read more about it here


http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/20 ... nniver.php
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Re: Loveletter - 10th anniversary of attacks‏

Ah yes, the first time (in my region anyway) that a virus actually got public attention. Definitly raised a lot of awareness that one :)
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