GWAPT certification study material required




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GWAPT certification study material required

Hi all

I have to go for GWAPT certification but as found on SANS website, the course modules cost is pretty high. Will request you all if anyone can help me providing the  course modules.Any help in this regard is duly appreciated.



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Re: GWAPT certification study material required and ... 661&sr=8-2 should get you in pretty good shape. I haven't taken this myself, so I'm not sure if that'll cover everything.

However, you can two practice exams if you challenge the exam, and those should provide additional insight into what else (if anything) you need to work on.

You'll obviously need to understand HTML, Javascript, etc. as well.
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Re: GWAPT certification study material required

Have a play with the Samurai Web Testing Framework as Kevin Johnson, the course author, was one of the people that designed it. Plus if you read the course description, you find some of the other tools used in the course and can find plenty of reading for them on the web.

If you have to do the training or take the exam, have you looked at the vLive option from SANS? They have recently had a number of discount codes for some of the other vLive courses.

Depending on your experience levels with web applications and attacking, the challenge path dynamik is suggesting is one way to go. However, I'd suggest you'd need to have been working in the web app pentest space for a couple of years before attempting that.

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