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Maltego v3 Release Schedule

New blog post with some juicy details. We all understand that these are best guesses, but we'll go with them anyway.

After Brazilian people asked us when Version 3 is going to be released we finally decided to put a date to it. It was hard to do this. Here is the release schedule (subject to change of course):

May 2010: Adding save/load, licensing, local transforms to what we already have. Note - local transforms will just implement the v2 specification (not the glitzy v3 protocol).

1 June 2010: Bug fixing, small 'popkak' issues, rounding off, cosmetics etc. During the second week we will probably open up for public beta.

15 June 2010: Commercial release of V3.0

16 June 2010: Work on community edition starts.

1-14 July 2010: v3 Community Edition (CE) released.

August 2010: Work starts on 3.1. A lot of the really cool stuff we wanted to put into v3.0 is just not going to make it in. We could be working on v3 until the end of the year if we keep on putting new features in there - this while nobody can use *any* of the current coolness we already have.

So - I have decided to call a date / draw a line in the sand. The current idea with v3.0 is that it will not be able to harness the power of the v3 protocol but rather work with v2 servers and v2 local transforms. Having said that - we're in the process of rewriting parts of the server platform.. watch this space.

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Re: Maltego v3 Release Schedule

Great! cant wait to use this in a live situation! the images generated by Maltego do very good with management in a pentest report 8)

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