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Forensics Certs

For anybody who is a long time forensics examiner, what certs are the most valued in forensics. I currently have the GCFA and may attempt the ENCE after I take the training, however I've never heard of the CCE that they are doing the giveaway for. Could some please give a ranking of which ones they feel are the best or most valuable.



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Re: Forensics Certs

I'm interested in the replies on this one. As we grow our forensics area of the site, I'm always looking for more info to add to help our readers. Other than the certs we already have listed, I have been looking at others to publish. I'm not sure if adding them will be beneficial to our audience. So here's your chance to offer feedback and set the direction of EH-Net.

Here's an example: CFCE is highly regarded in the industry, but you have to be in law enforcement. Not sure why, but that's their thing. Read this from the IACIS web site:

Who qualifies?

Active duty law enforcement officers and others who qualify for membership in IACIS may apply to enter the external certification process.

And another: CSFA has a great process and requires an FBI criminal background check before you can take the exam. The only drawback is industry recognition. Read more at the CyberSecurity Institute.

There are lots more certs out there for forensics all with their mix of benefits. Some deal with just LE, others are more for the IT pro, some are more well known than others, some are just added on to training... the list goes on. Here's a few more:

See what I mean. There are more out there than you might have imagined. So, help us sort this out and we will all benefit.



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Re: Forensics Certs

Hi All,

Brainbench (http://www.brainbench.com) is giving free certification on Computer Forensics (U.S.) for Sep 06. I dont know how much value it has in the industry. But since I am new to this, I appeared and cleared the same. The details of the certification are as follows:

Our Computer Forensics (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of Computer Forensics. Designed for the experienced user, but an average performer in this role should pass this test. This test covers the following topics: Analyzing Evidence, Collecting Evidence, Data Types, Examination Procedures, Forensic Tools, Initial Analysis, Investigative Preparation, and Report Findings.

Test Outline

Analyzing Evidence
    Operating System
Collecting Evidence
    Data Capture
    Data Image Verification and Authentication
    Duplication and Preservation of Evidence
Data Types
    Encrypted Data
    Intellectual Property
    Privacy Concerns
Examination Procedures
    Auditing Via Overt and Covert Monitoring
    Gathering Evidence
    Understanding the Laws and Governance
Forensic Tools
Initial Analysis
    Goals of an Investigation
    Impact Analysis
    Reasons for Conducting an Investigation
    Who to Contact and Include
Investigative Preparation
    Discovering Target Evidence
    Isolating Logical Evidence
    Isolating Physical Evidence
Report Findings
    Approach and Presentation
    Interfacing with the Customer
    Report Preparation

Hope this might be of help to the new comers in Forensics.


Manu Zacharia
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