AST Bravo LC 4/66d




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AST Bravo LC 4/66d

I'm new here, and i'm not really sure where to put this, so i'm posting this on "other". sorry if it's in the wrong board.

Today, i was given this dinosaur of a computer, an AST Bravo LC 4/66d. It runs, has 8 MB of RAM, a 5.25" floppy drive, a 3.5" drive, and a whopping 540MB hard disk drive.
the programs in the main menu consist of 2 drafting programs, a broken copy of windows 3.1, and DOS.

now for the part where i get into why i'm posting here:
i can access everything but DOS. It's password protected, and the person that gave the computer to me has no idea what it is. is there a way to crack it? or maybe even a back door? i appreciate any advice you can give me.


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Re: AST Bravo LC 4/66d

If it's that old, and you really have no 'reason' to want anything off of it, personally, I'd fdisk it and load it with Linux, anyway...  :P
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