Article: Howto cyberscare people for the internet



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Article: Howto cyberscare people for the internet

I came across this (amusing) article which points out an interesting fact: the word cyber has a great impact if you are trying to trigger fear and chaos among the "undereducated" internet users.


i personally NEVER use the word cyber. What about you?

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Re: Article: Howto cyberscare people for the internet

I still use the word 'cyberspace' sometimes, just like I do with the term 'real life', but mostly in general (philosophical) discussion.
For example, a discussion about the difference of human behavior between the real world and cyberspace. (and God knows what else comes up on late nights with nerdy friends)

You are certainly right though that, ever since Facebook, online banking and what not, those terms do not carry a lot of meaning anymore, especially towards my non-techie friends :)
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