Where can i go to learn about hacking

Can some one lead me in the right direction?

STCC (collage)
online and ebooks
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Where can i go to learn about hacking

Im pretty much a noob. iv been looking into hacking for about 2 years but i haven't really got into it until now. Ive been searching for a beginners course but i havent found one yet. I would pay for the courses but i'm a teenager and i don't really have the money for that kinda thing. any help would be greatly appreciated. I do have a large selection of hacking and security softwares but i don't know how to use them.

-IP changer 2.0
-OPH-crack (vista and XP)
-SC-pass unleash
-Colasoft ping tool
-win trace
-cain and able

and i got a few e-books

- hacking exposed network security
- hacking exposed computer forensics
- hacking exposed malware and rootkits

but im looking for some new ones and a few pointers.

over all where do i start to make my way up to a pro hacker?


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Re: Where can i go to learn about hacking

You have already found a great resource here at EH-Net, as it offers many useful resources, tips and tricks and a great community.
I'd recommend to use the search function and to browse through the forums, where you might find such threads as Where and how to gain knowledge?, An Ethical Hacker must have these skills... and many more (e.g. see here).

Tools are of course nice to have, though I would recommend to learn more about the very basics and how things work. Understanding those things (e.g. networking basics, such as TCP/ IP, operating systems and memory management, programming languages, etc.) will enable you to understand how different areas of 'hacking' work.

As you didn't give too much detail, I would just recommend to go to college/ university and study what interests you.

Becoming a good ethical hacker is a long path, so be prepared. ;)

BTW, welcome to EH-Net.
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Re: Where can i go to learn about hacking

I recommend Hacking for Dummies. It's an intro to ethical hacking. It doesn't give you everything you need to know, but it'll give you enough to target your searches better.
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Re: Where can i go to learn about hacking

You might want to check out the Hacme series from Foundstone, de-ice live-cd's are cool also. Couple of things I started with.

But I also agree, get a good grasp of networking under belt. At least the basics.


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Re: Where can i go to learn about hacking

I'll echo awesec's advice, in that it's a long path, but that there are ways you can work up to it. 

First off, find somewhere where you can seriously study / take courses, to really get the fundamentals down to a science - by fundamentals, I mean learning how things work together, such as a getting a GOOD understanding of the OSI layer, TCPIP, etc.  Then move on to bigger and better things.  But without first having that stuff down pat, you'll find other concepts harder to grasp. 

Next, look into places like the local ISSA chapters, etc, to see if someone there can point you in the rights direction, such as locally offered courses, and events where you can begin to get a better feel for IT security, in general.  That way, you can 'network' and talk to folks who have like interests, and see exactly which direction you want to go, in security.  Not all of us wanted to be ethical hackers, pentesters, etc.  Some just like to be on the secure programmer / software or malware analysis side of the fence.  You could even see if you could shadow, or do some free internship with a company who does some of this type of work, as a way to get some 'free' experience, and exposure.

Finally, look to places like EH-net, Offensive Security, SecurityTube and others, and watch the videos, read the posts, and learn from their tutorials, etc, until you get to the point where you're either going to go to college and take some classes to further you, or you can find a job where you can afford to get some deeper training.

I know sometimes these answers seem repetitive, but they truly are the way to go, especially if you're a younger person, with limited / no budget to spend.
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Re: Where can i go to learn about hacking

Ill second the guys above in pointing to learning the basics of networking, the de-ice cds are a very good resource. Following awesec, I'll second that you also may want to learn a programming language or two. You might find this thread useful:


Speaking of good useful free courses, a good resource is the Metasploit Unleashed course:


Eventually after you learn the basics of metasploit you may want to put your skills to the test and set up a little lab environment. I know in the Metasploit Unleashed course, they have a quick reference on where you can obtain Windows XP SP2.

The more machines you have to run exploits against, the more you could learn in my opinion. Here's some other links to Virtual Machines you may want to run tests against.

Windows XP Sp3

Windows Server 2003 R2:

Here's a list of tools you may want to familiarize yourself with as well:

If you look around site's like SecurityTube & even YouTube you could find step-by-step tutorials on some of these applications. I know there's tons of Metasploit tutorials laying around the net!



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Re: Where can i go to learn about hacking

Hey take a view at this blog. It highlights the usage of some of the above mentioned tools..

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