Post Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:33 pm

DNSMAP: What do you do when a DNS Zone transfer is blocked?

DNSMAP is the answer to the question about, what do you do when a DNS zone transfer is being publicly blocked?  DNSMAP is a mostly passive tool for determining IP ranges and also brute forces sub-domains.

DNSMAP V0.30 has been released!

New features

Anyways, the following are some of the new features included:

    * IPv6 support
    * Makefile included
    * delay option (-d) added. This is useful in cases where dnsmap is killing your bandwidth
    * ignore IPs option (-i) added. This allows ignoring user-supplied IPs from the results. Useful for domains which cause dnsmap to produce false positives
    * changes made to make dnsmap compatible with OpenDNS
    * disclosure of internal IP addresses (RFC 1918) are reported
    * updated built-in wordlist
    * included a standalone three-letter acronym (TLA) subdomains wordlist
    * domains susceptible to “same site” scripting are reported
    * completion time is now displayed to the user
    * mechanism to attempt to bruteforce wildcard-enabled domains
    * unique filename containing timestamp is now created when no specific output filename is supplied by user
    * various minor bugs fixed

Earlier versions are included in Backtrack, and the tool is also covered here, ... cing-tool/.