Getting ready for OSCP



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Re: Getting ready for OSCP

I sold the course in to my boss with a written business case. Given the amazingly reasonable cost with an exam thrown in, it turned out to be a very easy sell. If he'd have said no, I would have paid out of my own pocket. If this is your field or what you want to do, then it's more than worth the small, short term cost.

You folks may want to PM each other and form your own study team. Skype is pretty darn handy for talking through problems while both looking at the same labs and exercises.


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Re: Getting ready for OSCP

I got my OSCP in Jan, and its an excellent exam.
I would say take your time with the course material, but also dont restrict yourself 100% to only whats in the material. A good security professional will think outside the box, and leverage what you find on the course, to take things to another level.

Take some time to look at the extra bits and bobs, and tackle them as you see fit.

For me the best thing about this course is the lab environment, its well setup and works well.

Enjoy and best of luck.

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