Technical vs. non-tech career path



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Technical vs. non-tech career path

Hey there everybody. Been a while since I've been very active 'round these parts, but trust me, I didn't forget about you. That pesky real world (job changes, married life, remodeling a home) keeps getting in the way of my fun!

I'm starting this thread just to try to get some opinions from any grey-beards out there, and to hopefully help out some of the folks trying to find their way in this crazy little infosec world.

Those of you who have already gone through a transisiton from technical to less so, how did you feel about it? Was it by choice, or was it forced upon you? Maybe it just happened naturally?

The reason I'm asking, is that I've found myself thrown in that direction. For a while now, my career has been taking a turn more and more to the less technical side of things. I've been dealing more with policy and procedure, with compliance, with C&A. And I'm good at it. Probably better at it than at most other things, honestly. I just didn't see this as the direction I'd be heading when I got into the infosec world. Suddenly, I'm a C&A consultant. Not a bad gig, don't get me wrong, but certainly not the sexiest ;)

What say you EHNetters?
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Re: Technical vs. non-tech career path

I've done that bit as well. One thing I keep getting sucked into is Project Management. I don't tell anyone I know how to do PM, but inevitably I find myself doing significantly less of the cool stuff, and more of the paper-pushing stuff. And you're definitely correct - not very sexy at all.

I think it helps round out a person, though. People who fulfill more than one role within ISS understand the industry better, I believe.
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Re: Technical vs. non-tech career path

I haven't done it on the infosec side, but in IT, I'm happier in a techical role.

I've done customer support / tech support / NOC Tech, project management, programming, user documentation, user training, some light Quality Assurance / alpha-beta testing, but I'm happiest making the network and linux boxes work.

I enjoy the documentation and training, but don't think I'd be able to do it as a full time living.
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