QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker)




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QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker)

Hello all,

     I've lurked the forums for a while now and thought I'd finally bust out a question.

I do admin work and my employer recently informed me that I may (or may not) be attending a Qualified Ethical Hackers course around the end of next month. Here's a link to the course I'll be taking:


I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with the course.

It seems like a copycat of the CEH. I called earlier today doing a little recon on the company and got a hold of a woman who claimed to be their CEO
Ms. Schneider

She said her course differed from the CEH in that it's more "practical" and "hands on".

Does anyone here have any experience or input on this course?
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Re: QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker)

I might not be the best person to make comments on this (don't know anything about their program and rarely take cert classes), but I'm a little dubious of site. The "product" page appears to have 2 quotes on it, but neither one are attributed to anyone. No idea who said them, or what their backgrounds are.

The CEO's page has CEH / QEH and CHFI / QFI listed. I'd be interested in finding out if she really has the CEH and CHFI. I'm sure there is a way to check someone's claim of being a CEH (I've never looked into that, and think it would be fairly easy to do so).  That might go a long way towards telling you some information. Having her own certs makes me wonder about things too.

From their page, to me anyway, it sounds like they used to do CEH training and have decided to break away and do their own thing.
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Re: QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker)

I was just looking at their page the other day and have some of the same concerns. I'd really like to hear from someone who has taken their training, before I would consider taking it myself. Additionally, searching for their certs on monster and dice turned up nada.

On the other hand, they do seem to have a couple things going for them at, at least superficially, lend them a bit of cred:

10/19/09  Q/ISP® selected to be added to 8570 List!

Q/ISP® & related Certifications have been selected to be added to 8570 certification list (pending approval)


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Re: QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker)

I found this forum and stumbled across this post so I had to give you my 2 pennies. I actually took my ethical hacking class with Security Univ and the class was excellent. And yes, that is the CEO and I know that for sure because she sat in on my class and introduced herself to all of us. Their ethical hacking cert is called qualified ehtical hacking. I've never taken the CEH class so I'm not sure how similar the material is.

Hope this helps.


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Re: QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker)

Sorry to bring this back up, but being that I am looking at EH training at the end of this year, start of next year, I found this and wanted to comment.

I have spoken to Ms. Schneider about the SU program, and it does seem interesting. Goodness knows they would knot be the only company trying to take down the CEH crew. I agree that the site is somewhat confusing, and even a little deceptive.

For one, I cannot verify an addition to 8570, as a new revision has not been announced. The QEH is also supposedly 4011 approved, I have been unable to find any way to validate that info. Most sites have a press release from the NSA/CNSS available. I might ask her for this if I call and ask.

Now for the positives. Anytime training offers more updated and hands on training, its a plus. They also offer a free CEH voucher, which could be useful if you want to kill 2 birds with one stone, a Saint Vulnerability Exploit tool with discount code, and a Core Impact 8IP, 7-Day LICENSE FREE CD.

Ms. Schneider appears to be some kind of person in the field, I can find some info on her.

http://www.technologytransfer.eu/speake ... eider.html
http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/ser ... urity.html

She also seems to have decent, realistic recommendations on LinkedIn. So, in the end, I don't know if I will look to SU for my EH training, I may do a combination of Self study and course material, so we will see. If I do chose QEH, I will defiantly come back and update.

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