Post Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:55 pm

Multiple D-Link Routers Vulnerable to Authentication Bypass

FYI for anyone running a D-Link router, I've found some rather glaring issues that affect multiple models from 2006 to present:

Multiple D­-Link routers suffer from insecure implementations of the Home Network Administration Protocol which allow un­authenticated and/or un­privileged users to view and configure administrative settings on the router.

Further, the mere existence of HNAP allows attackers to completely bypass the CAPTCHA login features that D­-Link has made available in recent firmware releases.

These vulnerabilities can be exploited by an individual inside the local network, as well as an external attacker.

It is suspected that most, if not all, D­-Link routers manufactured since 2006 have HNAP support and are vulnerable. However, only the following routers and firmware versions have been confirmed to date:

        1) DI-­524 hardware version C1, firmware version 3.23
        2) DIR-­628 hardware version B2, firmware versions 1.20NA and 1.22NA
        3) DIR­-655 hardware version A1, firmware version 1.30EA

Full description and POC code available here: ... -them-all/