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nullcon Goa 2010

nullcon Goa 2010
February 6 - 7, 2010
Goa, India

Long long time ago the land of mortals was plagued with numerals. Men were grappling to get hold of the unknown, the void, the zilch. How does one quantify, measure something that doesn’t exist. The legend goes like this – A few good blokes meditating under a banyan tree further under the influence of some nourishing herbs, in a profound moment of awesomeness, it dawned on them to seek the eternal wisdom of ..nothing. And so was born what we call 0|零|null|n|u . The rest, as they say, is history. nullcon celebrates this quest for knowledge and desire to carry on this legacy.

If you too share this passion for knowledge, if a core dump brings glimmer to your eyes, if you want to share your hack with others and you have an inquisitiveness to learn, then nullcon is the place for you. If meeting hackers/researchers/phreaks in a 2 days event packed conference and the sun-bathed beaches of the tropical paradise called Goa won’t get you off your bed, nothing ever will.
So crack you knuckles, fire your Live CDs, dust your Debuggers and get ready for some serious action this February.

STATUTORY WARNING: nullcon can cause severe exposure to high octane gyan and could leave participants exhausted with wild shack parties. Beware, Be There.

nullcon is an initiative by null – The open security community.



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