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Kiwicon III

Kiwicon III
November 28 - 29, 2009
Wellington, NZ

New Zealand's own hacker con. Here's a little info from their FAQ:

The goal is to share knowledge about computer security in New Zealand, and the event is being organised by some of New Zealand's most experienced security industry professionals. As with any subject, knowledge can be wielded for both good and evil. The organisers believe that open and honest discussion of security issues is a critical step towards securing technological systems.

Security consultants, InfoSec Auditors, and even policy guys should all come to Kiwicon. If your manager thinks that Kiwicon isn't the sort of place your company should be seen, bring him too. We guarantee you'll both learn something new and interesting, have a good time, and make important contacts. You could leave your tie at home, though.

Kiwicon is primarily geared towards pretty technical computer security topics. Computer nerds, geeks, and people who think lego is awesome will be in the majority for once. However, computer security affects a wide range of people in modern society, and so many of the topics discussed will be of interest to the lay-person, even if some of the nitty-gritty detail is opaque. Children are welcome to attend Kiwicon, however we'd request that children below the age of 14 are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Many of the techniques discussed at Kiwicon can be used to break the law, so strong moral guidance is reccomended for those of all ages.


Victoria University of Wellington's Pipitea Campus

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