Post Fri Jul 07, 2006 4:58 pm

Hacking boot camps ?

I like boot camps. I think its because its a chance to get together with a group of others with similar interest. But how much do they really teach? It seems like so many boot camps out there install a default  installation of windows 2000 or XP and then show you how to hack into it with metasploit and then tftp up sub7 or some other outdated trojan.  Jeeze, you can learn how to do that in about a 30 minute search on the internet. Dont get me wrong, its good for an admin to know the basic approach if he or she has never been exposed to the theory and yes there are still installs like that floating around the internet. I will say its getting harder to find such low hanging fruit because if they are exposed like that, they probably have already been owned. Once taken over, some hackers will secure it up, making it harder for other to get in and spoil their fun.  The question I have is, is there any boot camps that do anything more advacned? Say for instance, install server 2003 and patch it and make it reasonable secure and then attempt to breach its security?