passenger ship network




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passenger ship network

I work on the pass. ship. Usually I stay 8-9 month on board. so this is very
important for me,since I have familly at home.
Lets start with internet prices (robbery) on the ship.
120 min. ----  10 eur.
250 min ------ 18.eur.
12. hr  --------- 40 eur
24. hr  ---------- 60 eur
Its about 1000 crew members on this ship, so you can imagine how much money
my company earn from us.
Well, I can deal with that, but what`s piss me off is the fact that lot of good looking  weitress
have free internet, just becouse they are " good friends" with officers and other powerfull guys
on board. Since am not good looking bar tender (unfortunately), I must pay full price, if I want to
talk with my kids with skype. Now, while I write you this letter, my IP adress is
what mean that i am behind NAT.One my collegue on other sister  ship was lucky, and he send
adress, what enable him to go online,even if he is behind the NAT too.The adresses are....
On this two boat the sistem is the same, so I am sure that some similar adresses are in use here,
but I can`t figure out how to find them.
I will be happy if I can use only SKYPE with some kind of  "tunneling ,port forward" or something like that.
Can you please help me somehow


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Re: passenger ship network

Not what we do here. Kind of defeats the ETHICAL part of the name.

However, 1000+ crew, needed to ship the ship out, why not get everyone who wants and needs internet access (I'm assuming 1/3, so we'll say 300 people) and try to negotiate a better rate for you're people.
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