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GE is hiring - Embedded Firmware Hacker

Essential Responsibilities - Internal - Prepare detailed firmware penetration test procedures based on overall smart grid security requirements
- Execute cyber attack test plans on T&D devices planned for use in smart grid applications including smart meters, substation data concentrators, and AMI communication networks
- Attend industry security community meetings regarding technical issues
- Provide technical threat assessments regarding agency systems
- Monitor and report on cybersecurity threats to the smart grid infrastructure in general

Qualifications/Requirements - Internal - Minimum of 5 years of IT experience
- Minimum of 5 years of experience with intelligence analysis and at least five years information systems security experience
- Minimum of 1 year of experience with information security devices (e. g., firewalls, and intrusion detection/prevention systems) and applications (e.g. security information management tools (e.g., Net Forensics)

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT:- Ability and willingness to travel

Desired Characteristics - Internal - Skilled in the area of threat analysis and intentions, methodologies, methods and motives
- Knowledge of attacker methodologies with respect to software, firmware, and network attacks against critical infrastructure systems
- Self-starter, capable of working on projects independently, if required
- Working knowledge of penetration analysis tools and techniques
- Familiar with essential industry SCADA protocols and SCADA security issues; software and firmware debuggers, tools, and techniques; process of developing and refining intelligence requirements; threat analysis of groups of interest to those protecting critical infrastructure systems; and security operations and incident response technologies and methodologies, signatures, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with preparation for and execution/implementation of such attacks
- Minimum of 5 years of experience in a security operations center and/or incident response team type environment
- Masters degree in Computer Science
- Strong demonstrated analytical, computer, speaking, writing, presentation, teamwork, and interpersonal skills
- Works well with customers, sales, alliances, engineering and management
- Outstanding technical skills software development
- Demonstrated competency developing and managing software products
- Ability to determine customer requirements (via research, personal interviews, focus groups, surveys, roundtables, etc.) and translate them, through the development process and via alliances, into product requirement documents and complete products
- Understands GE's products, capabilities and limitations in sufficient detail to be able to develop security requirements that meet customer needs.

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