Hotmail and Web Proxy Issue - Question



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Hotmail and Web Proxy Issue - Question

Hi Friends,

I am posting more questions that I have faced during my course. Please discuss the same. The next question is:

When you try to use a Web Based Proxy Server like www.anonymizer.com to log into your Hotmail email account then how come you are not able to log in?

1.   Since you have an indirect connection with Hotmail.
2.   There is a problem with Hotmail.
3.   Since you will be behind the proxy server.
4.   Since Hotmail cannot set cookies on your system.
5.   All of the Above.


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Re: Hotmail and Web Proxy Issue - AFCEH Question

i'd go with 4, 2 is incorrect so it cant be 5, you can usually access things via proxy so that rules 3 out.  maybe 1 but i dont think so

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