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Cyber Warfare 2010

Cyber Warfare 2010
January 27-28, 2010
London, UK


The current landscape of Cyber Warfare...

"Warfare is not only about 'destruction of an enemy', but is really about changing behaviour. Non-kinetic initiatives, like those in cyberspace, can have major implications."
Lieutenant General William Lord, Chief of Warfighting Integration and the Secretary of the Air Force's Chief Information Officer

As reliance on internet and information technology networks increase to cover all elements of national infrastructure, nations open themselves to evolving threats and risks in cyber space. Ensuring governmental and military security and deterrent capabilities is more vital now than ever before.

Early confirmed speakers:

-Group Captain Ian Kirkwood, Deputy Head, Chief Information Officer J6, UK MoD
-Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar, Senior Advisor, Estonian MoD
-Major Frank Nielsen, Branch Head, Strategic Plans and Concepts, Danish MoD
-Confirmed Representation, Intelligence and Security Department, Italian MoD
-Confirmed Representation, Air Force Space Command, USAF
-Tammsaar Rein, Policy Advisor, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union
-Radomír Janský, Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security, European Commission
-Professor Peter Sommer, Visiting Professor, Information Systems, Integrity Group, London School of Economics
-Yael Shahar, Director, Database Project Institute for Counter Terrorism, IDC Herzliya

Join us at Cyber Warfare in January 2010 to hear:

-Insights into the evolving cyber threats to national security and information systems and evaluation of solutions to mitigate the threat
-Analysis of current and future legal issues, political pressures and challenges surrounding Cyber -Warfare attacks and appropriate national cyber space activity
-Evolving national policy and doctrinal updates of Cyber Security and Cyber warfare from the UK MoD, US DoD, Estonian MoD
-Examination and lessons learnt from cyber attacks with insights from NATO studies and the Estonian MoD
-Latest technology updates in cyberspace and current research and development for both Computer Network Defence and Computer Network Attack


CCT Centre, Canary Wharf
Isis Building – Thames Quay
193 Marsh Wall
London, E14 9SG, UK

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