SQL server security monitoring




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SQL server security monitoring

Hi everyone,

I need some advice regarding a solution/method that can be used to monitor actions like update/delete/insert at record level on a SQL Server.
I made some research on the subject and found out that SQL Profiler (which uses SQL trace) can be used in this regard. I took also in consideration various SIEM solutions, most of them being able to perform monitoring also if trace is enabled.

Knowing the above, I have asked the database administrators to activate trace, but they argued that by activating it additional overhead is created on the server which might have an unexpected impact on server's performance.
I "googled" a little bit and found out that they might have a point, but, not having any database administrator experience, I am not 100% that this is the case.

1. From your experience/knowledge is the activation of SQL trace so dangerous to the availability/performance of the server? Which are the options to minimize the impact? (additional memory, CPU power etc.)
2. Which other SQL record level monitoring solution/method do you know/use? (very interested in how this is performed in other companies).

Thanks in advance for all the answers.
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Re: SQL server security monitoring

If you want to track every transaction in the database, you can try using C2 Auditing features in SQL server.   The feature will generate quite a bit of log data, so you have to be mindful of storage, but it works very well.

SQL Trace will use more resources than C2 Auditing features in my experience.   I don't know the mechanics behind C2 Auditing, but it seems to be faster.


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