What should one expect from a local Security group?



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What should one expect from a local Security group?

I hope this is an easy question.

What is the type of things you'd expect to find at your local Security Group meeting? I looked for a local DC group, but DC734 recently changed to ArbSec. Partly because it wasn't what people were expecting.

To be fair, I've only been to one meeting so far, but all they did was sit around BSing and picking locks at a local bar. The bar didn't even have space set up for the group.

I've been told they are supposed to have a standing reservation and that the September meeting was a fluke. They also said they try to have a guest speaker but with end of the summer things got a little kerfuffled.

When I asked about the name change another person there said it was because people were traveling long distances but not finding what they thought a DC group should be doing. (He didn't say what that was though).

I've seen the posts by Good_4sh about some of the fun things they do there, and just wondering what should a person expect to see?

(edit: changed the topic slightly to better fit my question).
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Re: What should one expect from a local Security group?

Good question.  I think what to expect... highly depends upon the makeup of the group.  My group is lucky enough that we have a house that is owned or rented by the group (I don't ask).  The house has been turned into a hacker's lodge of sort.  We get together, listen to presentations, drink, and BBQ.  That is the general monthly get together.  Members go there other times during the week when they want a quiet place to work (it's wired up as you might imagine).  Or do whatever.  We have a nice server setup, sodering area with grinders and lots of fun stuff/tools.  I really think you'll find different setups and whatnot with each DC group.  This is the only one I've hung out with in person, but... Noid is our leader... and he's been the head of the Defcon goons forever.  Hell, Jeff Moss joins our group once in a while since he lives here.  I think I'm pretty lucky in my situation.  There are lots of other non-DC groups out there as well though.  The Seattle wireless group is pretty big.  There are a number of groups that just meet online too.  IRC... etc.. SILC.. whatnot.  Just get your feelers out there, do some googling in your area, and see what you can find.
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