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Here is my Yet Another Noob Intro Post. I've been asking questions for the last week or so, but figured it might be prudent to to include who I am, to get some advice. Normally I hate doing YANI posts.

My background:
I've been in the computer industry since 1996. I'm a former CCNA, and started the LPI level 1 cert. I have an AS in Computer Scince and an AGS in Anthropology (I was burnt out half way though my computer degree and needed a break from computers). I have an interst in computer forensics.

I've been a NOC tech, a Network Engineer, a Linux Administrator, an IT trainer, a DB Reports writer, and a pc tech. Not in that order. I'm also the person people come to at work with any network security related question.

My current postition I was hired to be the Unix/Linux Adminstrator, but because of my background in networking, ended up being the Network Engineer too.

I'm currently looking at getting better at the network security side of my job, which is what let me here. I'm not sure pentestig is the way I want to go yet, but have found several things here very interesting and learned a few things.

My bookshelf at home currently holds the following comptuer security related books, usually used as refernce instead of read cover to cover:
Firewalls and Internet Security
Hacking Exposed (the first edition, tried to read it but felt I needed to learn more first)
Network Security Assessment
Internet Forensics
The Helix User Guide
Network Security Tools
Network Security Hacks
2 books on Cisco MARS
a book on Cisco Firewalls
The CEH Offical Study Guide
Secrets and Lies
The Cuckoo's Egg

I've had a few people (co-workers, a friend, and a CEH aquaintence) suggest going for th CEH (they think it'd be up my interst alley), but I'm not sure if PenTesting is the route I want to go to get better at Comptuer Security (I can see the advantage of it though).
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Re: YANI Post

Nice that you introduced yourself a little, chrisj. This help others to get a better view on you and maybe give more accurate advices if needed. ;)

Personally Penetration Testing is the way I want to go, however, I don't think that one must be spezialised in every topic which is included in it.
If Forensics is the area of your interest you should be able to improve your security knowledge in a good way.

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