IP address traced to ISP now what?




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IP address traced to ISP now what?

Hi Again Guys.

I am based in the UK as you may know.

We have had an incident in which 'someone' has access the network logged onto a machine in which they install logmein, or they compromised the logmein session that was on that machine.

The logemin access was logged was visible from the event view and we have several IP addresses. We have tracked these down to the ISP BT Broadband.
It took 2 months for Virgin Broadband to supply this information to the police in a case were a computer system was stolen and reported to them.

Now in my experience you have to get the police involved so that they can use under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, if they think the case is worth taking on that is!

Any other ideas in tracing the location? Tried Mindmap and other basic Traceroute sites.

Any Ideas?



Do you know of any other way to obtain the information of the



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Re: IP address traced to ISP now what?

As well as the police, contact the ISP, the person doing those things is against their TOS.


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Re: IP address traced to ISP now what?

Its not quite clear why you needed to wait for BT to provide you the ISP information, you should have been able to get this from just looking up what ISP is assigned the IP range.

Check out http://ripe.net/ for the future.

To identify the suspected individual you will need the authorities and ISP involved. To actually prove this, short of someone owning up I am sure a forensic investigation will be involved.

You have not really suggested what is supposed to of happened, aside from someone accessing a networked machine via logmein.

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