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Come join a team of world-class security professionals in solving the most challenging problems facing our country’s information infrastructure.  Our client is the leading provider of software security research and technology to the U.S. Government.      Multiple positions are available.

Software Engineers / Developers / Programmers will provide security on a variety of projects related to software protection and security vulnerability research.  You will be developing solutions that range the spectrum of offensive and defensive security technologies for computer network operations.  A strong background in C/C++ programming with a solid understanding of OS internals (Windows, Linux, Mac) and kernel/device driver development is essential, as is previous experience with application security and reverse engineering.

  **  Analyze software behavior for malicious code. 
  **  Research and develop methods and techniques of exploiting and protecting computer systems.

Interested in gaining experience in software security vulnerabilities?  You will analyze existing code to identify threats.  So an understanding of static and dynamic reverse-engineering will be helpful.  Familiarity with communication and network protocols is a plus.

___ US Citizenship required___

Any Software debug tools:  Windbg, IDA pro and OllyDbg
Languages:  C/C++ for kernel, low-level, device driver, SDK, DLL
OS:  Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, X86, powerPC, MIPS

Contact: jackp A@T gnr-corp D.O.T com