Post Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:37 am

Wardriving with Kismet Newcore and BackTrack 4

I recently ordered a new magmount omni wireless antenna and USB GPS module (thanks to Andrew Waite for details).

So seeing as I got everything I thought I would have a go at some wardriving with Kismet Newcore thats now part of BT4 and map the results in Google Earth and Maps.

So BT4 Pre-Release has been available for a few weeks now, and this has Kismet Newcore.
Kismet is a brilliant tool for wireless detection, sniffing and more. The new Kismet has an improved interface, and also built in GPS goodness

As I blogged earlier I recently got a new GPS module, and my new 9dbi omni magnetic antenna has arrived, so no more excuses, time to set it up and have a go.

First off here is the setup I am using:

Acer Aspire One – 8GB SSD, 1.5GB Ram
2GB Cruzer USB Drive – Running BT4 Pre-Release
Alpha AWUS036H
BU-353 GPS Receiver
9dBi Magmount Omni Atenna
Maplin External Battery Power

I have posted the process and quick results on my blog if your interested in having a read.