Some polite, yet enticing title



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Some polite, yet enticing title

Hi everyone,

I recently passed my CEH exam and am looking for some work experience.
I currently work as a network security engineer, and as such deal with the blue team all the time, but I am looking to get some experience as red team, pen testing, what ever. I have a few hours a night to offer and don't wont to be paid, I just need to get to grips with the everyday side of the job, like writing reports, collating data, whatever. I really don't mind doing the grunt work, but I do need to be learning.
I live and work in Christchurch, New Zealand. There are no companies I can find locally to help with this, so I am putting it out to the community as a whole.

Anything would be appreciated.



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Re: Some polite, yet enticing title

To get a bit of your foot in the door I'd ask your boss if you can do some testing of your systems. Assuming you get approval go through the entire process you learned. I don't know about the CEH but the GPEN from SANS outlines the process to take. Go through that and get some basic experience then leverage that to do a bit of freelancing. If you are going for some outside work I would suggest some non-profit organizations such as big churches and the like. |

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