Using Twitter for the Inside Scoop on Security



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Post Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:00 pm

Using Twitter for the Inside Scoop on Security

So I see some of you on the twitter train, but really guys get on it, some GOOD stuff gets posted to twitter before it hits mainstream. For example a lot of inside info on tool dev, good discounts, threat warnings, promotions, not to mention the networking you can do via twitter.

There are a few ways to use twitter:

Twitter whoring: follow EVERYONE and follow anyone in the security space. @Mubix does this and it’s worked well for him and me.  If you chose to do this setup a separate twitter account for what I call “luminaries”,  these are people who you don’t want to get cought in the shuffle of everyone else on your follow list tweets'. Then get a client like seesmic desktop and add both accounts. Yes I know some twitter clients support grouping but with a large following list twitter will not pull all of your follows when making groups, this is annoying. This has something to do with the API I think.

Selective Twittering: follow only people that you are interested in, or who post things you care about. This would be a kind of “luminaries” only account, you can also use a different account for twitter whoring in conjunction.

Promotional Twittering
: Similar to twitter whoring but with a larger concentration of following security companies, magazines, etc. In this situation you will want to friend them, their sales peeps, editors, etc. Get friendly and get them to retweet your posts.

To get started, check out my “luminaries” account @securityaegis

People I’m following there are good ones to start with. That account includes Backtrack developers, popular pentesters, security icons, SANS instructors, famous exploit writers, security podcast hosts, con leaders, (e)hackers, and more.

If you have twit knowledge to add, post here. I’m always looking for more people or more efficient ways of doing things =)
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Post Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:24 pm

Re: Using Twitter for the Inside Scoop on Security

i've subscribed to the RSS feeds to the people on twitter where i dont want to miss any of their tweets


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Re: Using Twitter for the Inside Scoop on Security

Interesting post.
I am not a massive social networking fan, I do use LinkedIn, but I dont class this the same as the likes of FaceBook etc that I dont use for personal use.

However last week I did decide to get on the twitter train @daleapearson.
I have to say I do think there is some good security information on there, and thats the main purpose.


Post Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:50 pm

Re: Using Twitter for the Inside Scoop on Security

Thanks for the info.  I also just jumped on the train a couple days ago after watching Couch to Career.  So far, I've taken a selective whoring approach, following anybody and everybody who looks like they have an interest in security.  So far it's been great, lots of good stuff coming through.



Post Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:59 pm

Re: Using Twitter for the Inside Scoop on Security

Some especially good tweets to follow are grouped tweets for confernces such as @defcon, etc. They give you a lot of the latest up to date info that happens at the cons.

So far I have taken the combined approach and I'm still working out who to follow and who to drop from my follow list.

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