Post Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:39 am

Google Apps/Blogger Hosted Blog DNS Hijacked ... e_help_my/

-i have no ftp access to this
-i bought the domain through google who bought it through godaddy
-blogger has total control of my information it is a blogspot site that redirects to a custom domain, i did everything through the blogger backend GUI.

the back end to my blogger account still has all the info in the database.  but it says.

The DNS record for your domain is not set up correctly yet. If you just purchased this domain the set up process may take up to a day. Learn more.

here is an article i wrote on the experience, it shows the report from DNS stuff and a screenshot of the dashboard.  i am going to get it in front of someone at google, a difficult task. even if i was able to point the DNS back through the same methods it would be hard to know what server on Godaddy to point it to. ... e_help_my/