Metasploits future: Sans Pentest Summit HD Moore Presentation



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Metasploits future: Sans Pentest Summit HD Moore Presentation

http://metasploit.com/data/confs/sanspt ... future.pdf


Database Exploitation
Extensive set of Oracle exploits
SQL injection flaws, priv escalation, overflows
● Support for Metasploit payloads via Oracle
● Headed up by MC and Chris Gates
● Much more about this at Defcon
● MC's personal site has more

Web Applications
WMAP is starting to come together
 A modular web app assessment system
● Launch modules individually or automaticall
● Headed up by Efrain Torres
● Even more about this at Defcon
● Integrates with SQLMap and Nikto
● Support for recent attacks
● WebDAV + Unicode
● Automated SQL injection

Client-Side Exploitation
Browser AutoPWN
 Automatically exploit any web browser
● Headed up by Egypt (more at Defcon)
● Handles obfuscation and no-script
File format exploitation
 PDF is well supported, working on Office docs
 Extensive evasion capabilities

Meterpreter Everywhere
Mac OS X “machterpreter”
 Written by Charlie Miller and Dino Dai Zov
 Should be integrated “soonish”
Meterpretux for Linux/POSIX
 In the works for almost 3 years
Meterpreter for PHP
 Developed by Egypt, more at Defcon

Executable Hackery
Created scrambled Win32 EXEs
 Important for AV bypass with exploits
● Ties in with “persistent” shellcode
● Client-side exploits require these
Embedding shellcode into EXEs
 Standard viral “infection” of executables
 Powerful when done via MITM (Karmetasploit)
 Working on “signed” changeable EXEs

Working with third-party developers
 Opening the door to “commercial” modules
 Metasploit as a standard exploit platform

More Product Integration
Maltego transforms for data mining
 Run Metasploit modules from Maltego
● Leverage the output to build models
● Ex. Dump a remote user list from a server

Remote XMLRPC Daemon
Interact with remote Metasploit nodes
 Support for SSL and authentication
 Extensive API allows for almost anything
 Even better with Java/.NET/Ruby 1.9
Launch attacks from other networks
 Really powerful with Metasploit-in-an-Applet
 Use browsers as attack sources

Digital Telephony
Wardialing with WarVOX (warvox.org)
 A mostly-unrelated side project of Metasploit
 Dials using VoIP and records the audio
 Post-processes the audio to detect things
 Dialed over 10,000+ numbers in 3 hours
A new spin on telephone audits
 Detects insecure PBXs, voicemail lines, tones
 Great detection for modems, faxes, etc


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Re: Metasploits future: Sans Pentest Summit HD Moore Presentation

Metasploit is a really great tool with which you can safe some time and backup your results with other results.
Looking forward to its future development, thanks for the pdf.

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