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[Article]-Applied Security Visualization

Thanks JP for another book review to add to our list. Looks like you had fun with this one... but not as much fun as we all had at dinner after ChicagoCon!! Glad we could all get together, including Raffy.

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Review by JP Bourget, CISSP, MCSE, MS

Having a process to better understand your logs, be it firewall, packet captures, IDS, web server, or proxy logs, is something that many security professionals strive for. We have seen some interesting software over the past few years, such as OSSIM and Splunk. Some vendor’s provide excellent log visualization for their products, some don’t do enough, or aren’t flexible enough. That brings along Applied Security Visualization (ASV) by Raffael Marty. Marty’s book gives some valuable insight on how to bridge the fields of IT Security and Data Visualization all in one book. While this book provides a wealth of detailed knowledge, I’m going to point out the major features instead of getting really detailed.

BTW - Check out Raffy's new company, PixlCloud.



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Re: [Article]-Applied Security Visualization

Hi All,

Has anyone read this book and been able to apply the information in real-world situations?

I have recently been reading through the SecViz site and have always found the idea of visualising logs/events/etc. interesting, but given the current climate I can't afford making purchases that don't result in real world applications.

Any/all advice would be appreciated.


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