Computer/electrical engineering and information security



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Computer/electrical engineering and information security


Is a degree (or atleast good knowlegde about) in computer/electrical engineering something that is beneficial to information security? I have the impression that CE and EE deal a lot with the inner workings of computers like integrated circuts etc. and is useful things for understanding computers that you don't get with a computer science degree. Or is it just to "low level" to be useful for effective applied information security?


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Re: Computer/electrical engineering and information security

My undergrad degree was in Electrical Engineering. The methodologies learned in engineering definitely helped, but the specifics related to this field was obviously lacking. Without some luck I don't think you can make the jump with just the degree. Since your degree is rather technical, many will accept that as a degree in the field, but in my experience EE is a bit too low level. However, it would be fantastic for some hardware hacking and the like and you could leverage it that way.

If you show some prowess and passion in the area then that definitely supercedes any degrees.
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