[Article]-Video: Modern Social Engineering - A Vital Component of Pen Testing



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[Article]-Video: Modern Social Engineering - A Vital Component of Pen Testing

Hope that wasn't too long of a wait. Enjoy... with a word of caution...

Patience Is a Virtue

The video below is 164 MB and will start automatically in a flash player at the bottom of the permanent link. This may take a while depending on your connection speed. Your patience is appreciated.

Permanent link: [Article]-Video: Modern Social Engineering - A Vital Component of Pen Testing


In the very first webcast produced by The Ethical Hacker Network, world-renowned social engineers, Chris Nickerson of TruTV's Tiger Team and noted expert and international speaker, Mike Murray, prepared you for the future of pen testing. For those of you who couldn't attend the live event, here's the webcast in its entirety. Don't forget to look for the coupon code & special pricing announcement for Chris & Mike's Social Engineering Master Class to be held for the very first time at ChicagoCon 2009s May 4 - 8. The webcast took place on March 10 and was described as:

The world of Information Security is changing. Budgets are tighter, attacks are more sophisticated, and the corporate network is no longer the low hanging fruit. That leaves web-enabled applications as the vector-du-jour, but that well is quickly drying up for organized crime as well. As they creep up the OSI Model looking for easier ways to steal your corporate assets, they are quickly making their way up the stack to the unspoken 8th layer, the end user. So what is the next step in the never-ending escalation of this cyber war?

To find out, we must do as Sun Tzu taught. "Think like our enemy!" That is, after all, the primary tenet of penetration testing AKA ethical hacking, isn't it? After years of hardening physical systems, networks, OSs, and applications, we have now come full circle to a new dawn of attack. People are now the target of the advanced hacker, and the cross-hairs are focused squarely on their foreheads... literally. It is only a matter of time before corporations feel the pain of wetware hacking requiring a new approach to testing and defense.

Let us know what you think of the webcast, the process of registering and viewing and what some of the other topics you'd like to see. Would you like to see more from Chris & Mike?

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Re: [Article]-Video: Modern Social Engineering - A Vital Component of Pen Testing

Thanks Don, managed to miss the live event (why do servers never break when you're bored and looking for something to do?) so looking forward to this.

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