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Has anyone ever had the temptation to send nasty pdf or other infected files back to phishing scams?  One of my 4 email accounts has been getting tons of these retarded phishing scams... the temptation to give them something 'fun' to read has been gnawing at the back of my mind for a bit.  Any thoughts, or... has anyone done this themselves? :P 
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Re: So....

hmmm.  I have a "friend":) that really put some thought into that.  Actually this friend thought about setting up a repository that all of these emails can be looked at and recorded...then sent a friendly example of an exploit.

But then I realized I would be breaking the law.  I lost my anger.  and then the reality of it sank in.  then it naturally goes to "why dont the cops do something like that?"  and all the arguments of boundries and ....ugh. 
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