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Infosec Class Resources

Not everyone has a lot of cash to spend on training these days so I thought I’d put together some links to my fav classes that host free resources.

I suggest using the Downloadthemall plugin if you want to grab all the files in a directory.

1) Sam Bowne - Advanced Ethical Hacking

First off we have Sam Bowne's classes. Sam is known industry wide as giving some of the best, cheapest, and most hands on classes. He teaches at San Francisco State University and posts al the materials for his class online.  He has three courses which he updates regularly:

CNIT 120: Network Security - http://samsclass.info/120/120_S09.shtml

CNIT 123: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense - http://samsclass.net/123/123_F08.html

CNIT 124: Advanced Ethical Hacking - (ongoing semester) http://samsclass.info/124/124_S09.shtml

CNIT 124: Advanced Ethical Hacking - (completed semester) http://samsclass.info/124/124_F08.html

2) Dan Guido’s CS 6573 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

Dan teaches a class for ISIS labs at NY poly. This is an advanced course in computer and network security that focuses on penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. The course introduces various methodologies, techniques and tools to analyze and identify vulnerabilities in stand-alone and networked applications.

He posts SOME of his lectures on his personal site here:


3) Dr. Frank H. Li - SCSC 555 Advanced Computer Security

Dr. Frank H. Li posts his slides for his advanced comp sec class on the course homepage. Some ok stuff.

http://faculty.uscupstate.edu/fli/spr09 ... 55-fli.htm

4) iCTF - Giovanni Vigna UCSB

Every year prof Vigna holds an international; CTF event. The 2008 Capture The Flag was held on December 5th, 2008, from 8am to 5pm, PST. Included in the below page are descriptions of the challenges, walkthroughs of how certain teams beat them etc. Good reading. He also has multiple grad level ComSci classes where he posts materials, but only hosts them when they are in session, which they are not this quarter. The ctf stuff is gold though anyways!


Thats all i can find for now, if i have more in my links i will post them as i rediscover.


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Re: Infosec Class Resources

pretty sure Dan's stuff wasnt ready for primetime but he rounded up some badass teachers for the course. incentive to go back to school!

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