My Big Fat RSS/OPML file



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My Big Fat RSS/OPML file

Hi... My names Jason... and im an infophile...

This is my OPML file. Its a collection of everything infosec i have liked for the past year. Blogs, AV reports, security news, you name it you'll prob find it in here.

Big names and small names alike, tools, policy, industry, etc. Over 500 RSS links. I read about 25% of it daily, which means i'm always behind, but it still keeps me up to date =)

It includes the security bloggers network, mine, and some good friends conglomerated links.

Feel free to check through it, edit, trim, critique, but especially add and read.

Hope it helps someone!
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Re: My Big Fat RSS/OPML file

Here's an editor for the OPML file for mac and windows. Its XML so most platforms should have something that can read it.

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