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Ok, I've been studting up for this for a while.... I have the CBT Nugget videos, although outdated, and also a nice 700+ page book, which is also outdated. I feel pretty comfortable with the subject, as I have been working with a network for the past year out here, on a every day basis. Is their anyone with knowledge of the exam, and questions I should familarize myself with? Or does anyone know of good test prep's that I can use, and where I might be able to aquire it at (Measure Up, etc...)? Any help would be helpful. I am planning on taking this test sometime mid march, when i re-deploy from Iraq (<22 days  ;D )
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Re: Network+

Hey Rakurai!

I've been through multiple classes for N+ but never sat for it. My best friend just passed it with a 800/900 recently though, below is what he used.

For books references he used:

Thompson study guide
Sybex book

For practice tests he used a few of those external practice question sites:

techexams study guide
exam force study guide
Pass for Sure version 2.73

he said the main areas of questions were these:

-Understand cabling. Ethernet etc.
-Study the 7 layers of OSI.
-Physical Network Topologies.
-Network troubleshooting steps

If you have any questions PM me and ill give you his email, you can ask him questions directly =)


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Re: Network+

I passed my Net+ awhile ago.  I had motivation because I was in a basic networking class which I hated, mainly because the "know-it-all" kept on correcting the teacher (but being wrong himself didn't stop him) or making comments left and right.  The teacher told us if we pass Net+ we will get an automatic A.  I left class after the break and started studying.  I used the Sybex book and loved it.  This is when I fell in love with Sybex.  I used it for Sec+ and now for CEH.  I also used ExamSavers for the practice test.

Good luck!

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