Botnets vs Halo?



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Botnets vs Halo?

Just came accross this article in wired: ... at-sp.html

apparently usage of bots is becomming so mainstream, people are using them to commit DDOS attacks against their opponents in online games.

What's the most powerful weapon you can wield when playing Halo 3 online?

I know. You can control the entire map with a battle rifle and a couple of sticky grenades. But that teeny-bopper you just pwned has you beat with the tiny botnet he leased with his allowance money.


Several programs available online,  accompanied by YouTube tutorials, make it easy to sniff out your opponent's IP address, then aim a few dozen zombie machines at him in a distributed denial-of-service attack.

Steal my flag, will you? Enjoy being offline for the rest of the night, newb.

sure I always knew that any new technology would eventually become mainstream, but I never thought it would be like this with botnets.


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Re: Botnets vs Halo?

This is pretty interesting, I've seen botnets used to take out server but now being used in online games? This is somewhat scary because the younger age group is at risk online for a playing a game. I wonder if this type of attack will expand onto other online games...if so what will be the future of online gaming as we know it?


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Re: Botnets vs Halo?

hi Kristeason!
yeah its actually pretty intresting, now from past few weeks
we've noticed a steady increase in posts , Everywhere you look, people are suddenly curious as to how you "boot" someone from online videogames. They're not entering this rather famous joypad combination to do it - rather, they're dabbling in somewhat more sinister methods of tampering with the oft-called "closed" environment of XBox Live.
What is XBox Live?
Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media  which is ownd by lazy  Microsoft Corporation. it not new that Live has long been the subject of social engineers and hackers - fooling people into handing over their logins and making fake Points generators stuffed with Trojans and keyloggers to steal login details
How is this done?
Well, basically someone will connect their XBox to their PC via a crossover cable (or via their wifi ), join a multiplayer game then sniff the traffic  , or they might resort to social engineering tactics away from the gaming field  However if they need to proceed in depth the need the victioms ip address if they intend to take over the victims character,
there are rather intersting botnets , specifically created to knock XBox Live gamers out of whatever game they happen to be playing at the time.
The bundle currently doing the rounds is pretty slick, and combines two tools distributed in a single All In One - it actually sits in the system tray (first icon on the left) until you feel like exploring it further
so any users who are downloading any kind of exe files should be more carefull abt it as ther are 2 .exe running in allover those are
1>biozombi 2> host booter
Both of these programs pretty much do the same thing - facilitate the ability to DDoS people from the XBox Live network (note the default port for both programs is 3074, which is required to be open for XBox Live to function
... i expalin  u more  :)

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