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Cool new wireless tool from Josh Wright. Here's the description from his blog:

Wlan2eth is a simple tool to convert packet captures in 802.11 format to Ethernet format.  Lots of tools can only understand Ethernet link types, so I wrote this tool to convert captures to a format that they can understand.

For each packet in an input 802.11 capture file, wlan2eth examines header values to ensure it is a data frame, then it creates a new output packet with an appropriate Ethernet header (source and destination address and embedded protocol field are preserved from the 802.11/802.2 header).  Timestamps are also preserved from the original capture.

This tool is really only useful for encrypted traffic, though you could use it with a tool such as airdecap-ng to decrypt an encrypted capture first, then convert the unencrypted output file to Ethernet format.

The source is available here; simply run "make" to build the source.  Requires libpcap.


$ ./wlan2eth input.pcap output.pcap

Wlan2eth will tell you how many frames were converted to Ethernet format.

Original blog posting: ... n2eth.html

Hope in comes in handy,