Wait for newer adaptors or just get an alfa?




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Wait for newer adaptors or just get an alfa?

Hello Fellas

I was thinking about the Alfa. Since N networks have come to pass how long do you think it will take before people migrate over? And has anyone come across any cards which are on the level of alfa and support N networks + support BT3? I am yet to decide whether I want to invest into the alfa or wait alittle for a more up-to-date adaptor. What do you guys think?


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Re: Wait for newer adaptors or just get an alfa?

I have the alfa and it is a cracking bit of kit.
Personally I wouldnt wait for the following reasons:

  • Many companies are slow adopters to this sort of technology
  • Unless a complete refresh was planned I am sure some backwards compatability will still be enabled
  • Depending on the objective of your testing, I would imagine you could still achieve alot with the alfa

Sure some guys that do this on a regular basis can comment on their kit, and future plans.

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