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Unethical Hacking History

History is such a strange thing.

That was then:

It should be said that with today's technologies, one should feel a bit at ease with privacy and security, but with a bit of info and an evil mind, anyone can cause extensive damage to just about anyone they would like to with the greatest of ease, and this is something that should not be overlooked on any level including those in law enforcement and privacy groups.

The jealous friend or spouse, a disgruntled employee, disgruntled employer, government agencies, competitors, these can all be candidates who could possibly destroy lives, careers, friendships at the click of a keyboard.

10 years ago I wrote about this... (2000) (2000) (2000) (2008)

This is now:

A Minnesota man accused of hacking into his neighbor’s computer and sending a threatening e-mail to Vice President Joe Biden has turned down a two-year plea deal and is negotiating for less, the defendant’s attorney said Monday. ... den-email/