Post Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:24 am

Free Career Workshop with Marcus Buckingham

Take Control of Your Career and Your Life

If you want to know what your strength is, you've got to pay attention to how you feel. It feels like focus. It feels like concentration. You feel invigorated. Energized.
- Marcus Buckingham

For a little about him, see the wikipedia entry:

Now, if you can get over the fact that this was on Oprah and featured a group entirely made up of women (no offense to our female viewers, but I think it's no secret that an IT audience is made up of a high percentage of men), then go to Oprah's site for an entire workshop. This career program basically focuses on what your strengths are, and then eventually how to use that info to move towards the career of your dreams... Hey, that sounds a lot like what I talk about in DIY Career in Ethical Hacking;)

Either way, it's free and it may just help you not only weather the current economic storm, but also get your career going in the direction it should... even if you didn't know it. ... buckingham