Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:39 am

Your Best Move...

Hey all,

So, I was talking with a colleague about a particularly tough app pen test that we're doing, and we got talking about the old Seinfeld episode all about "Your Move". 

For those that don't get the TV reference, it's basically the thing that you do when you really want to do something awesome. 

In the context of pen-tests, it's the thing that you pull out when a test is really difficult - when the standard things aren't working and you need to come up with something awesome.

We got wondering what other people's "Move" is.

In the spirit of sharing... my Move is almost always a shell script fuzzer.  Anyone who has worked with me or taken a hacking class with me has seen me write one of these on the fly - a quick bash script that generates targeted requests that we can use to hit a field (or multiple fields) quickly.    I've always found it an effective way to gain control over my environment.

So... what's your move?

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